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Hip-Hop Hip-Hop originated in the 1970’s in the South Bronx, New York. The genre was very popular with inner-city African Americans during this time period,

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Musical Theater!

Minstrel Shows Before African Americans were able to take the stage and showcase their talents in a theater, they were being mocked and paraded around

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Techno A new genre of music came out of Detroit, MI in the 1980’s. Techno is a dance genre. Similar to disco, techno uses very

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THE START Disco started around the 1970’s with influences from its R&B and Funk predecessors. Having additional influences in gay and urban culture, disco is

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Let’s Get Funky!

Let’s Get Funky! Funk music originated in the late 1960’s. It was a combination of Rhythm & Blues, Soul and Jazz music. Funk music had

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GOSPEL Sub-genres of Gospel TYPE 1 Traditional Gospel Traditional Gospel transitioned from Jubilee Quartets, with groups like Take 6. It was increasingly popular in cities

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Getting Jazzy

Getting Jazzy Types of Jazz There are many sub-genres of jazz: Classical/ Traditional, Bebop, Free Jazz, Jazz Fusion, and Modal. All of these sub-genres have

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Ciara – Taylor Gallman

CIARA Previous Next Discography Previous Next Who is Ciara?      Ciara Princess Harris Wilson was born October 25, 1985 in Austin, TX. Although born

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Welcome to the 00’s!!

Welcome to the 00’s!! 20 Artists from the 2000’s Previous Next Music Videos Play Play Play Play Play Previous Next Billboard Top 10 Chart 2000

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Ragtime by Taylor Gallman

RAGTIME From 1896 through the 1920’s Jazz’s predecessor Ragtime was at an all time high. Originating in St. Louis, Missouri, Ragtime became a household genre

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