Hip-Hop Hip-Hop originated in the 1970’s in the South Bronx, New York. The genre was very popular with inner-city African Americans during this time period, and has become increasingly popular throughout the United States. The genre of hip-hop consists of many elements: rapping, MC-ing, DJ-ing, scratching turntables, breakdancing, and graffiti writing. These unique elements of […]

Musical Theater!

Minstrel Shows Before African Americans were able to take the stage and showcase their talents in a theater, they were being mocked and paraded around in Minstrel Shows. White actors would dress up in Blackface and mock African Americans exaggerating them and their culture.  In the background, African Americans would stand and sing “coon songs.”  […]


Techno A new genre of music came out of Detroit, MI in the 1980’s. Techno is a dance genre. Similar to disco, techno uses very fast tempos, but it is well known for it’s electronic sounds. These electronic sounds are built on a computer by technicians, hence the electronic sound. Techno music has roots in […]


THE START Disco started around the 1970’s with influences from its R&B and Funk predecessors. Having additional influences in gay and urban culture, disco is a genre of music most known for dancing, having fun, and enjoying life. It was an escape from the politics and everything going on in the world at the time. […]

Let’s Get Funky!

Let’s Get Funky! Funk music originated in the late 1960’s. It was a combination of Rhythm & Blues, Soul and Jazz music. Funk music had strong complex rhythms, giving African Americans something to dance and groove to. The bass guitar, drums, electric guitar, keyboards, and vocals all combined to give listeners a sound like nothing […]


GOSPEL Sub-genres of Gospel TYPE 1 Traditional Gospel Traditional Gospel transitioned from Jubilee Quartets, with groups like Take 6. It was increasingly popular in cities where Black people migrated after emancipation: Chicago, Detroit, Memphis, and New York. Thomas A. Dorsey is known as the Father of Gospel Music, and Sallie Martin was the Mother of […]

Getting Jazzy

Getting Jazzy Types of Jazz There are many sub-genres of jazz: Classical/ Traditional, Bebop, Free Jazz, Jazz Fusion, and Modal. All of these sub-genres have different elements that make them unique in their own way. Classical/ Traditional Traditional Jazz originated in New Orleans. It has influences from swing bands and ragtime. Jazz was known as […]

Ciara – Taylor Gallman

CIARA Previous Next Discography Previous Next https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh-ULbQmmF8https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBHNgV6_znU Who is Ciara?      Ciara Princess Harris Wilson was born October 25, 1985 in Austin, TX. Although born in Texas, throughout her childhood Ciara was an army brat, living in Germany, Utah, New York, Nevada, and California until her family finally settled down in Atlanta, GA.    […]

Welcome to the 00’s!!

Welcome to the 00’s!! 20 Artists from the 2000’s Previous Next Music Videos Play Play Play Play Play Previous Next Billboard Top 10 Chart 2000 Billboard Top 10 Chart 2001 Billboard Top 10 Chart 2002 Billboard Top 10 Chart 2003 Billboard Top 10 Chart 2004 Billboard Top 10 Chart 2005 Billboard Top 10 Chart 2006 […]

Ragtime by Taylor Gallman

RAGTIME From 1896 through the 1920’s Jazz’s predecessor Ragtime was at an all time high. Originating in St. Louis, Missouri, Ragtime became a household genre throughout the United States and it was played by regular people with pianos and the proper sheet music. Ragtime was both a vocal and instrumental genre, with many of its […]

Jubilee Quartets by Taylor Gallman

m jubilee quartets jubilee 1880-1929 transitional 1930-1945 Gospel 1946-1969 Create Your Own Playlist Fisk Jubilee Quartet 1871 The Fisk Jubilee Quartet The Fisk Jubilee Quartet formed in 1871. They performed songs including “When I Was Sinkin’ Down” and r”Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”. Click to Listen The Mills Brothers 1928 The Mills Brothers The Mills Brothers […]

Holy Blues – The Difference in Secular and Sacred Music

From around the 1920’s and 1930’s, both Blues and Negro Spirituals were popular in the African American community. But what made some Black people sing the Blues while others were singing Spirituals? BLUES Originating in the deep south, specifically Mississippi, Blues was sang primarily by African American women. Giving them the opportunity to express themselves, […]

Negro Spirituals

Negro Spirituals Songs 100 Slave Songs, the first Negro Spiritual song book in the United States, has provided people with songs and source material for years. Some common negro spirituals are Wade in the Water and Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child, but there are so many others. Below are two less commonly known […]

Folk Post Review

A Review of “The History of Folk Music”by Taylor Gallman Initially looking at the webpage, the colors and use of visuals (pictures, videos, etc.) draws my attention in, which makes me more interested in what I am about to read. The wording for the definition of folk music could be clearer, but you are still […]