Sub-genres of Gospel


Traditional Gospel
Traditional Gospel transitioned from Jubilee Quartets, with groups like Take 6. It was increasingly popular in cities where Black people migrated after emancipation: Chicago, Detroit, Memphis, and New York. Thomas A. Dorsey is known as the Father of Gospel Music, and Sallie Martin was the Mother of Gospel Music. Arizona Dranes was another major gospel singer of the time.
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Traditional Gospel: Rural
Traditional Rural Gospel introduced the call-and-response element that was more commonly associated with work songs, and Negro Spirituals. This call-and-response made the music more interactive between the band and singers as well as the audience. The Clara Ward Singers and Shirley Ceaser were famous during this phase of gospel music.
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JESUS is what makes it Gospel!!


Contemporary Gospel
Contemporary Gospel is the sub-genre heard most today. Artists like Kirk Franklin, Tasha Cobbs, Travis Greene, Tye Tibbett and Donnie McClurkin dominate this genre of gospel music. With it's faster tempos, more upbeat melodies, and urbanizaed sound, Contemporary Gospel is more appealing to young adults than Traditional Gospel.
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Popular Gospel Artists across the Sub-genres