"Lift Every Voice: Marian Anderson, Florence B. Price and the Sound of Black Sisterhood" - A Review

I really enjoyed this article by Alisha Lola Jones. Her focus on two very important Black women artists, that I knew little about, taught me a lot. In this article, Jones emphasizes what happens when Black women work together; shining a light on Black women everywhere, and making their voices heard.

Anderson’s performance at the Lincoln Memorial, through Howard University, and an invitation from First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, was an important step in what Jones calls “Black Sisterhood.” During this performance, Marian Anderson (left) shares the stage, in a way, with Florence B. Price (right) when she concludes her performance with “My Soul is Anchored in the Lord.” This performance showed solidarity within Black women as well as the African American community.

Florence B. Price had a very large contribution to music. Although I am glad that her music was heard, and performed, by many, I did not find it fair to her and her talents that her Symphony in E Minor was premiered by an all white male orchestra and that her name was replaced with “Frederick A. Stock.” However, the fact that Jones didn’t make this the main aspect of her section on Florence Price was very thoughtful and respectful considering the many accomplishments she had throughout her life. Through this article, Alisha Jones shows what sisterhood is, what can happen, and what has happened when Black women work together.

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