Disco started around the 1970’s with influences from its R&B and Funk predecessors. Having additional influences in gay and urban culture, disco is a genre of music most known for dancing, having fun, and enjoying life. It was an escape from the politics and everything going on in the world at the time. Disco gave people a feeling of freedom and liberation that was much needed.


There were many major performers during the disco era. Some of the most popular include: Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, Kool & the Gang, Micheal Jackson, and Earth, Wind, & Fire.



Disco music has fast tempos. The faster, more upbeat sounds of the music get people up on the dance floor, moving and enjoying themselves and those around them.


The Four-on-the-Floor rhythm is a drum style. In this rhythm style, the drummer plays the 4/4 beat on the drum and the off beats on the hi-hat and cymbal. The guitarist also plays a syncopated rhythm in disco music. This syncopation from the bass gives the music energy, and supports the melody of the song.


Many instruments work together to make disco the genre of music it is. The bass and electric guitars, different percussion instruments, violins, cellos, violas, saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and of course the vocalist(s) all combine to make disco, disco.


Disco music is meant for dancing. The fast beat, fun instruments, and catchy melodies all work together to get you out your seat and onto the dance floor.