Tarah Opara- Artist Project

ARI LENNOX Biography  Ari Lennox  Name: Courtney Shanade Salter  Age: 28 years  Birthplace: Washington, DC Genre of Music: Neo Soul/ Contemporary R&B Courtney Salter, musically known as Ari Lennox started writing and singing music by the age of 3, on her Grandmas’s porch in North Carolina. By the time Lennox was in 7th grade she […]

Tarah Opara- Techno

Forget the Whites, Blacks made Techno! by Tarah k. Opara In modern times, such as now, techno music is mainly associated with white people and culture. Contrary to popular belief techno music was actually a back music genre an was used politically as well. Techno music in the African American community was created as a […]

Tarah Opara- Disco

Disco and the African American LGBTQIA+ Community by Tarah K. Opara Disco music opened up many door for the Black, Hispanic and gay community and its inevitable influence lives on till this day. Disco music made a safe place for many where differences were celebrated and not just tolerated. Disco music gave the “not so […]

Tarah Opara-Gospel

Gospel Music and its Role in the Civil Rights Movement by Tarah K. Opara The Civil Rights Movements is one of the most important times in black culture. With our ancestors fighting for equality, the morale of the black community would reach lows and stay stagnant. Gospel music was very important to the black culture […]

Tarah Opara-Jazz

The Social Effects of Jazz by Tarah K. Opara Jazz music is typically associated with the African American community with some white artist dabbling in the genre as well. During the eruption of Jazz music this was already thick racial tension within the Unites States. With the upcoming fo jazz music a lot of black […]

Tarah Opara- Folk Music a Tale Through the Times

FOLK MUSIC A TALE THROUGH THE TIMES By:TARAH K OPARA  Folk Music is dated through the times of the African American Community. With the whimsical way of its authentic story-telling, folk music provided an outlet to be expressive. Folk music is the music of the common people–being that they are able to recite what they […]

Tarah Opara-Ragtime Roaring Through the 20’s

RAGTIME ROARING THROUGH THE 20’S BY:TARAH K OPARA Ragtime started from 1896-1920’s it was the time to be alive and celebrate with music all the time. Ragtime was a very successful genre of music because the average person could play it. This increased morale and popularity of ragtime because if was for anybody! Most people […]

Tarah Opara- Blues A Tune for the Soul

How the Blues Surpassed Spiritual Music in Popularity Within the African American Community Spiritual Music was also identified as a staple in the African American Music. From the emotion it portrayed all the way to its comforting tones. It was the main form of musical relief for African Americans, a way for them to express […]


Folk Music and its Tie to the Black Community “lIFT EVERY VOICE AND SING” By: Tarah K OPARA                                                                           […]

Fisk Jubilee Singers – Following Their Hearts through Music- Tarah K. Opara

Fisk Jubilee Singers – Following Their Hearts through Musics The Fisk Jubilee Singers, served a very important role in advancing African American people during the late 19th century. From their start in 1871, the Fisk Jubilee Singers have always combined their humanitarian spirit and passion for music to raise money for their failing Fisk University. […]