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Tarah Opara- Artist Project

ARI LENNOX Biography  Ari Lennox  Name: Courtney Shanade Salter  Age: 28 years  Birthplace: Washington, DC Genre of Music: Neo Soul/ Contemporary R&B Courtney Salter, musically

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Tarah Opara- Techno

Forget the Whites, Blacks made Techno! by Tarah k. Opara In modern times, such as now, techno music is mainly associated with white people and

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Tarah Opara- Disco

Disco and the African American LGBTQIA+ Community by Tarah K. Opara Disco music opened up many door for the Black, Hispanic and gay community and

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Tarah Opara-Gospel

Gospel Music and its Role in the Civil Rights Movement by Tarah K. Opara The Civil Rights Movements is one of the most important times

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Tarah Opara-Jazz

The Social Effects of Jazz by Tarah K. Opara Jazz music is typically associated with the African American community with some white artist dabbling in

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