Tarah Opara- Techno

Forget the Whites, Blacks made Techno! by Tarah k. Opara

In modern times, such as now, techno music is mainly associated with white people and culture. Contrary to popular belief techno music was actually a back music genre an was used politically as well. Techno music in the African American community was created as a reaction to the inner-city decay happening in Detroit, which was a byproduct of black struggle and protest against the injustices they were receiving. 

Many people are confused on the origin of techno music because of Kevin Sanderson. Kevin Sanderson actually coined the term “Techno” and Kraftwerk was actually influenced by black music and that’s why the black community took to it so well in the early 80s. They wanted to fuse black drum rhythms with European melodies.

In conclusion, like many accomplishments within the African American community, techno was another genre of music to be stolen and exploited as white music. 

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