Folk Music and its Tie to the Black Community


By: Tarah K OPARA



Written by Alisha Jones,”Lift Every Voice: Marian Anderson, Florence B. Price And The Sound Of Black Sisterhood”, is a piece no afraid to bring light to the importance and prevalence for African American women to lift their voices and be heard. Not only are black women lifting their own voices for themselves but for others around there. a theme we see all so often. Ranging from the sense of womanism and civil rights– black women will be heard and not silenced. Marian Anderson used er unique talent to capture the attention of the crowd to raise awareness. She often times held her own concerts centering around her topic of pressing concern.  She  collaborated with Florence B. Price to sing a negro spiritual to the MainStage all while combating against segregation. Alisha Jones was very concerned about bringing awareness of critical patriotism, which she often times worked with Maria Anderson and Florence Price. During this period of time there was a lot of racial tension and amnimosity these talented black women singers used their influence to bring awareness to the racial/political climate of the world all while remaining elegant and challenging their white counterparts.