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Ari Lennox 

Name: Courtney Shanade Salter 

Age: 28 years 

Birthplace: Washington, DC

Genre of Music: Neo Soul/ Contemporary R&B

Courtney Salter, musically known as Ari Lennox started writing and singing music by the age of 3, on her Grandmas’s porch in North Carolina. By the time Lennox was in 7th grade she began recording her music with James Daniels. Her first performance was at a talent show her elementary school hosted. Lennox was not musically inclined at first and often times refers to her earlier years in music as “horrible”. Through years of hard work and dedication she was able to find her sound. 

Ari Lennox is now most notable for being the first female artist signed to Dreamville Records in October of 2018 which is managed by J Cole. She was signed just two years after independently releasing her EP Pho in 2016. She debuted her first album “Shea Butter Baby” which she coined to be a soul album. Through her musical process she mainly focuses on her own life experiences and writes from there.

Who Inspired Ari Lennox?

Lennox believes that many people inspired her musically throughout the years and that there is a big mix of sounds. The most notable artists that inspired her were; Minnie Rippleton, Juvenile, Omarion, Ciara and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Who Ari Lennox Inspires

Ari Lennox is a huge advocate for women, most importantly black women. Her music inspires the masses and the young black women still figuring out themselves, life and relationships. Spelman College is filled of young black women, like myself, who looks up to Ari Lennox and her unapologetic ways. 


Ari Lennox’s debut album “Shea Butter Baby” has only one RIAA Gold Certified song being, Shea Butter Baby. Ari Lennox has worked with many notable artists such as; J. Cole, Bas, Masego, Chance the Rapper, En Vogue, Wale, Omen and BJ the Chicago Kid.

She has headlined her first tour in 2019 titled The Shea Butter Tour. In addition, Lennox has also been featured as a supporting artist for The 4 Your Eyes Only Tour (J. Cole), From East Atlanta With Love Tour (6LACK), and the Cuz I Love You Too Tour (Lizzo). 

Ari Lennox is an upcoming artist who has entered the industry with a bang. Ready to take on all challenges she proves she is here to stay.

Top 10 Songs 

Shea Butter Baby 

New Apartment 


Whipped Cream


I Been 

Chicago Boy

Up late 




Shea Butter Bay- 2019 [Album]

Pho- 2016 [EP]

Bound- 2014 [single]

Five Finger Discount- 2012 [mixtape]


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