Tarah Opara-Negro Spirituals

Negro spirituals are songs that were created by the Africans who were unjustly brought to the United States to be sold into slavery. This ‘slaves’ were deprived of everything that made them their own including; their languages, families, and cultures— despite it all they kept their music alive. Slaves made songs that are now know as “negro spirituals”.  The songs helped them be able to communicate with one another without the knowledge of their masters. This was particularly the case when a slave was planning to escape, the Underground Railroad utilized the use of negro spirituals to give directions. Negro
Spirituals were created depending on the circumstance and oppression at hand and were passed orally from person to person– generation to generation. Negro spirituals take on many sounds, even for the same song because it is unique to each person. In conclusion, negro spirituals are monumental part of African American history as it teaches lessons, tells stories and provides insight and encouragement for generations to come.

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