Sisters in Gospel

Mary Mary;The Sisters of Gospel The Mary Mary duo are pioneers of the new wave of gospel. They have deepened and diversified the gospel sound.  Before The Fame Mary Mary was consisted of sisters Erica and Trecina “Tina” Atkins-Campbell. The two grew up in Inglewood, CA, with seven siblings. The family was heavily immersed in […]

The R&B in Jodeci

The R&B in Jodeci Jodeci revolutionized the R&B sound. The Beginning Jodeci has its roots in the church. The group was composed of the Hailey brothers -Cedric”K-Ci” Hailey and Joel”JoJo”Hailey. -, and the DeGrate brothers-Don Jr.”Devante Swing”DeGrate and Dalvin”Mr. Dalvin”DeGarte. Both duos were heavily involved in the Gospel music scenes in their hometowns of Charlotte, […]

The Evolution of New Orleans Jazz

The Evolution of New Orleans Jazz New Orleans was a melting pot that engendered the Jazz sound. The History New Orleans is commonly known as the birthplace of Jazz music. Jazz music was a product of a diverse New Orleans. It encompasses influences from French, Caribbean, Spanish, African American, and Creole-individuals of mixed French  and […]

Memphis Blues

Memphis: Home of The Blues Memphis is more than just a city, it is a polestar for soul, rock, country, gospel, and most importantly blues music.  Memphis Makes The Map The history of blues music in Memphis dates back to the early 1900’s. The city of Memphis can accredit most of its notoriety for Blues […]

The Legacy of Nora Holt

The Legacy of Nora Holt Nora Holt has transcended the boundaries of classical and ragtime music, she is truly the epitome of Who Was She? Nora was born in Kansas City as Lena Douglas. She married 5 times, but derived her name from her fourth husband: George Holt. She took his last name, and changed […]

Unmasking Our Spirituals: Double Entendres Explained

Unmasking Our Spirituals: Double Entendres Explained Double entendres were more than just spiritual songs.  They were our savior in times of turmoil, and still are. What Are They? Double entendres were essentially negro spirituals with double meanings. The objective of these songs was to encourage slaves to crave freedom and flea plantations. The spirituals also […]

The Jolly Boys: Mento Legends

THE JOLLY BOYS: Mento legends The Jolly Boys were pioneers of a folk music phenomenon. Their music opened the doors for genres to come. BACKGROUND  The Jolly Boys are a Jamaican band most famous for their Mento sound. Errol Flynn is responsible for the birth of the band. in the early 1940’s, He bought an […]