Author: Isis

Farewell Comrades

This semester of African American Music has far surpassed my expectations. I enjoyed the conversations and class interactions about topics ranging from the commodification to

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The Evolution of Hip Hop

Hip-Hop began in the Bronx, New York and later spread to Harlem in the early 1970’s. The creative expression encompasses turntables, mixing musical instruments, toasts,

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Musical Theater

Question #1 Pg. 236 How did the minstrel show develop? Describe its form, major characters, and musical content. When and why did African Americans become

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“Jazz It Up A Little”

With the overlapping of genres in the late 20th century, the formation of Jazz music was no exception.  Jazz became a development of African American religious

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La Nera Callas

The foundation of Classical music began as early as the Medieval times in 1150.  During the dark ages, classical music emerged in forms of  ballades.

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