Earth, Wind, & Fire Chicago Concert

Earth, Wind & Fire one of the most successful funk bands of the 1970’s performed live at the Greek Theater in 2004. The performance in Los Angeles, California proved to be a world-class performance. Specifically the performance included, a strong bass guitar, electric guitar, trumpet, and an array of melodies. However, the recording of the […]

Farewell Comrades

This semester of African American Music has far surpassed my expectations. I enjoyed the conversations and class interactions about topics ranging from the commodification to the origin of African American music. Prior to enrolling in the class I believed that I knew everything there was to know about black music, but I was proved wrong. […]

The Evolution of Hip Hop

Hip-Hop began in the Bronx, New York and later spread to Harlem in the early 1970’s. The creative expression encompasses turntables, mixing musical instruments, toasts, and verbal stylized sounds over “beats” or “tracks.” Hip hop draws from multiple cultures across the African Diaspora including the Caribbean culture, specifically Jamaica. Break dancing was the first form […]

Musical Theater

Question #1 Pg. 236 How did the minstrel show develop? Describe its form, major characters, and musical content. When and why did African Americans become minstrels? In what seminal ways did African American and White minstrel performances differ? Minstrel shows, or theatrical entertainment featuring performers in black face emerged in the 1840’s. Thomas Dartmouth and […]

Music from the 1960’s to 1900’s: Disco, funk, R&B, Gospel, Soul, Jazz

This creative poster comprises the genres of Funk, Disco, R&B, Soul, Blues, Gospel,& Jazz. The time line begins in the 1960’s leading up to the early 1990’s. The idea of this poster is to showcase visual representations o each genre, including the commodification that has been found throughout the history of African American Music Links […]

“If the love Ain’t Like the 90’s R&B’s I Don’t Want It”

With the wave of the Second Great Migration between the 1940’s and 1970’s, a new form of Black dance music began to arise. This new found music comprised of elements of jazz, blues, gospel music, and later pop became known as “rhythm and blues”, or R&B for short. R&B was originally used as a tool for […]

“Ow, We Want the Funk, We Gotta Have that Funk!”

Funk music was an African-American style of music that emerged after the civil rights movements of the 1960’s. This style of music became a hybrid of musical sounds including: rhythm, blues, and jazz. Funk music incorporated both feelings of optimism and despair of the social and economic conditions that the post-civil rights era had to offer. […]

“Jazz It Up A Little”

With the overlapping of genres in the late 20th century, the formation of Jazz music was no exception.  Jazz became a development of African American religious music, classical music, ragtime, and the blues. Considered the African American classical form of music, jazz had a distinguished originality of  improvisation and virtuosity. Its focus on instrumental performance rather than […]

La Nera Callas

The foundation of Classical music began as early as the Medieval times in 1150.  During the dark ages, classical music emerged in forms of  ballades. The idea of the modern orchestra was developed within European societies in the 15th and 16th century during the Baroque and Classical period. Specific to the genre of classical music is its […]

“It’s Never Right to Play Ragtime Fast!”

Ernest Hogan was the first composer to have his ragtime pieces published as sheet music , and is considered to be the individual to have coined the term “ragtime.” Beginning in the southern-most parts of the Midwest, particularly St. Louis, ragtime emerged as a rhythm of broken melodies in the early 20th century. The emergence of ragtime appeared before sound recordings […]

“If You Can’t Dig the Blues You Got a Hole in Your Soul”

“The blues will always be because the blues are the roots of all American music”    -Willie Dixon The fame of blues music emerged in the 1920’s as a major element of African American music and popular music in general. However, the history of the blues music appeared within the emancipation period of enslaved African people, […]

Commodification: The “Re-Branding” of African-American Blues Music

For centuries, Europeans have taken the song, soul, and attempted spirit if African-American music. Within the genre of Blues, which originated in the deep south of the United States, Caucasian artists such as the Beatles have stolen and attempted to re-brand Blues music. With this, they stripped the genre of music and turned it into […]

Jubilee Quartets

Since the beginning of the 1850’s specialized groups of singers began to form, including quartets. Quartets frequently sung without the use of instruments, but sometimes guitars, bass, and drums would be incorporated into the style of music. The a cappella style of music became known as jubilee quartet with the repertoire nature and sonic qualities of it. […]

“Wade in the Water”

Spirituals are often mistaken for hymns, but they are actually performance styles that are associated with hymns and psalms. This performance style of song was introduced to African enslaved people by way of Christianity by European missionaries. Spirituals were the earliest form of religious music to develop amongst African Americans. It is a unique expression […]

Folk Genre Post

Within the genre of Folk we decided to focus on the call-response style of music. Call-and-response is  “ A song structure or performance practice in which a singer or instrumentalist  makes a musical statement that is answered by soloist, instrumentalist, or group. The statement and answer sometimes overlap”. This structure of music is also referred to […]

Isis Benjamin’s IME

Greetings everyone! My name is Isis Benjamin I am a Sophomore political science major originally from Bermuda, however I reside in West Palm Beach, Florida. As you can tell I enjoy sunshine and the beach. I am 19 years old born on Halloween. I consider myself a very well-rounded person as I have traveled to […]