Hip Hop

Hip Hip Hop It Don’t Stop The genre of Hip Hop started in 1970s, in the Bronx, New York, with a man named Clive Campbell aka DJ Kool Herc. Campbell was DJ but also an immigrant from Jamaica. He started to incorporate beats from Jamaica into his DJ sets at the inner city parties. Hip […]


Solana Imani Rowe Beginnings  Sza was born Solana Imani Rowe on November 8th in St. Louis, Missouri in 1990. She was raised and went to school in New Jersey. While in high school, she excelled in things like cheerleading and gymnastics. After high school, she went off to college at Essex County College. When she […]

Voodoo Macbeth: Musical Theater

Showtime on Set: Voodoo Macbeth Voodoo Macbeth is just a well known nickname for the Federal Theater Project’s 1936 New York rendition of William Shakespeare’s production of Macbeth. The director of the play, Orson Welles took the setting of the play from Scotland to the Caribbean and added in Haitian voodoo in place of the […]


Techno’s Roots Techno music was introduced in the United States in Detroit, Michigan in the 1980s from three black men. These men were intrigued and influenced by the European electronic music. the three men who started this trend in music were Derrick May, Juan Atkins, and Kevin Saunderson. Techno soon became worldly popular in the […]

Let’s Groove at the Disco

Let’s Groove at the Disco How can you forget Disco! The genre of Disco music emerged in the 1970s and 80s with French roots from their genre of music called discoque. Disco music was played by DJs and these DJs brought life, freedom and excitement to the groovy people of the disco era. Disco what […]

For the Glory of Gospel

For the Glory of Gospel Gospel is a genre music that is specific to the Christian community. This is the music used for worship and praise. Instruments included in this genre are drums, piano, organ, bass guitars, and trumpets. Gospel music is usually sung in choirs in conjunction with the playing of the instruments mentioned […]

Jazzy Jazz Jazz

Jazzy Jazz Jazz The genre of Jazz emerged in the southern city of New Orleans, Louisiana in 1895. The city of New Orleans was what people like to call a “melting pot.” This melting pot of a city was comprised of people from all over, Africans, Caribbeans, French, and English. Jazz is a mixture of […]

Let’s Get Down With Ragtime

Let’s Get Down With Ragtime The genre of ragtime was most popular in the very late 1800s into the early 1900s. It started as being influenced by minstrel shows performed in St. Louis, Missouri, banjo styles, and certain syncopated dance rhythms from the cakewalk. Ragtime had a “left hand” beat, which was a slower and […]

Feelin’ a little Blue?

Feelin’ a little Blue? Blues emerged in the late 20th century during a time of immense pain and tragedy. The genre of blues had social ties to a few southern cities such as St. Louis, New Orleans, and Memphis. Blues became a musical outlet for the black people of these cities and allowed them to […]

Jubilee Quartets

The Start Jubilee Quartets sprouted from negro spirituals and did so in the early 1900s. Jubilee quartets are organized from high to low in the order of 1st tenor, tenor, baritone, and bass. The baritone singer is usually the lead singer. There are also various different types of jubilee quartets, University, Minstrel, Community Based, Barber […]

Marian Anderson Post

Marian Anderson was a woman with a powerful voice. Despite the color of her skin she made a name for herself and traveled the world preforming in places like Europe and Africa, singing before people like the monarchs of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and England. Anderson became the first African American singer to perform as a […]

Negro Spirituals

Through The Middle Passage Negro spirituals came about after folk music during the save trade when slaves were starting to be transported all over the world to enslavement. Negro spirituals were prominent around the time of the beginning of slavery to the late 1800s.These negro spirituals were songs of the soul, songs that expressed the […]

Folk Music: Juba this, Juba that Critique

This post is very well organized and clearly stated she put the various information in different sections. The author included a lot of information and she used a lot of examples. I like how she included pictures and a video example of a specific type of folk music used, using the body as an instrument. […]