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Showtime on Set: Voodoo Macbeth

Voodoo Macbeth is just a well known nickname for the Federal Theater Project’s 1936 New York rendition of William Shakespeare’s production of Macbeth. The director of the play, Orson Welles took the setting of the play from Scotland to the Caribbean and added in Haitian voodoo in place of the Scottish witchcraft. 

This play aimed to display Haiti during the 19th century. The play consisted of an 150 member all black cast including Jack Carter (Macbeth), Edna Thomas (Lady Macbeth), Eric Burroughs (Hecate), Canada Lee(Banquo), Marie Young (Lady Macduff). 


This play was very significant because of the racial climate of the time and the fact that a white man directed a black play and black people were able to fund an all black casted play that was highly successful. Not only that but to also take a diasporic view on a widely known white play. 



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