For the Glory of Gospel

Gospel is a genre music that is specific to the Christian community. This is the music used for worship and praise. Instruments included in this genre are drums, piano, organ, bass guitars, and trumpets. Gospel music is usually sung in choirs in conjunction with the playing of the instruments mentioned above. Gospel originated in the southern black churches when they incorporate spirituals and hymns in their worship services. 

The Father of Gospel

Thomas Andrew Dorsey was the "Father of Gospel." He got this title because he was the first person to mix christian praise music with jazz and blues, thus creating gospel music.

Gospel Artists

Mahalia Jackson

Thomas Andrew Dorsey

James Cleveland

The Soul Stirrers 

Sallie Martin

Yolanda Adams

Donnie McClurkin

Aretha Franklin 


Different Styles of Gospel Music

Quartet Style



Praise and Worship




Jubilee Quartets

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Negro Spirituals

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