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Frankie Lymon

Frankie LymonFrankie Lymon Previous Next The Beginning of Frankie Lymon Frankie Lymon was apart of the sensational singing group called “The Teenagers”. The Teenagers were five kids from Washington Heights who were

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Marian Anderson Article Review

Marian Anderson was an African American singer whose work uplifted Black women. In one of her most recognized performances at the Lincoln Memorial, Anderson chose

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Click HereClick HereClick Here Ragtime was originated in the early 20th century. Its style was an upbeat rhythm assisted through piano playing. During this time

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Folk Review

Upon the reading, the target audience thought to be associated with folk music was White Americans. White Americans were influenced by the Folk genre, and

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Negro Spiritual

Previous Next   Negro Spirituals express the heartbreaking emotions of the Slave. Due to its characteristic slow, deepening tone established primarily by voice, or in

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