Upon the reading, the target audience thought to be associated with folk music was White Americans. White Americans were influenced by the Folk genre, and due to an increasing amount of popularity among White communities, there was a wrongful direction of credit to White Americans for creating Folk music. The style and rhythm of the Folk genre is similar to what is now referred to as Country music. However, it is important to note that the interaction between White Slave owners and Slaves established the Whites’ initial exposure to the folk genre. Essentially, Black slaves were the creators of Folk music.


Although  Folk popularity was spread by Whites for entertainment purposes, the music served as an emotional freedom for the Slaves during harsh working conditions and the detachment from their own homeland. An important element of the music was the call and response. During these working conditions, a statement was said by one person and then that statement was repeated by a group of others. These songs also included hidden messages which served as a means of communication between slaves during that time. There still existed an internal need for musical expression by Blacks regardless of their displacement. For Black slaves, folk music held true to the spiritual and rhythmic tone of African music. Folk music continues to inspire other songs to this day because it artistically details the hardships and emotions of the Black experience.


Funk Funk originated in the 1960s. Funk samples continued to be used heavily in hip hop and various forms of electronic dance music. However, in

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Hip Hop

Hip Hop Hip-hop is a genre of music which originated in New York. Although there is no single originator of the genre, New York DJ

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R&B The meaning of R&B explains the elements of this music style. Its R stands for Rhythm. This comes from the style’s use of four-beat

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Disco Disco was a product of protest music. Previous laws that restricted social interaction were put away, and there was room given for a music

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Musical Theater

Musical Theater The roots of Black musical theater are founded in circuses, dime museums and minstrel show. These shows intended to create a mockery of

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Gospel The black gospel tradition has its background in Negro Spirituals. Slaves took these hymns and morphed them for their own purposes.They created new lyrics,

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