Category: Black Power Movement

Rainbow after the Storm in Detroit

Rainbow after the Storm in Detroit Starting in 1910, many African Americans left the south and moved into northern states like Detroit. Although they were trying to run away from the racist south, they were

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Get Black with James Brown

Months after King’s assassination, James Brown released “I’m Black and I’m Proud” as an ode to his black community. During the 1960s, where blacks were fighting and chasing after civil rights, this song for the

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Nina Simone

Nina Simone Eunice Kathleen Waymon, musically known as Nina Simone is an American icon. She used to her music to tell stories and create a legacy of liberation, passion,  empowerment, and love. In addition to

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From 1965 to 1990 many different genres came to their heights. Those include funk, disco, techno, R&B, soul and gospel music. Funk music was integral and highly influenced by the civil rights and black power

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The Story of OJ: Inspiration

After watching “The Story of OJ” by Jay-Z I have the same views of Caucasians as I did before watching it. I’ve learned that you can’t look at all white people the same. I use

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