The Story of OJ: Inspiration

After watching “The Story of OJ” by Jay-Z I have the same views of Caucasians as I did before watching it. I’ve learned that you can’t look at all white people the same. I use to have so much hatred towards whites growing up because I thought they all were mean and racists. However, when I grew up, I found nice white people with manners who actually smiled and spoke. This has made me get a feel for different white people and at least try to understand who they are and what they think about certain situations. I have come to the conclusion that I will continue being rude to the racists ones if I have to. The video really made me think outside the box tying the cartoons to black folks. I have always loved cartoons but I have a different view of them now, and I do not watch them how I use to (Tom & Jerry/Mickey Mouse).

This video has also made me a small fan of Jay-Z because I use to hate him and his music. However, I have to say that this is my favorite song by him. I have a better view of him as a person and every person I’ve come across I’ve told them to watch the video. Jay-Z had a good point, no matter the color of your skin as a black person, the accomplishments you’ve made, the amount of money you make, “you still a nigga.” In society today, blacks have to work 10x as harder as whites to have “a place” in this cold world. I ensure that every day I walk with my head held high, because the only person that can tell my story is me. This video will always be a reference for me when telling my children they can’t watch cartoons that display signs of racism.


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