From 1965 to 1990 many different genres came to their heights. Those include funk, disco, techno, R&B, soul and gospel music. Funk music was integral and highly influenced by the civil rights and black power movements. While the political climate put pressure on African Americans, disco and techno music encouraged people to take a break, dance and have fun in nightclubs. Techno music was also very unique because it used only instruments. Formerly called the race records R&B was an expression of all things African American, spicing up the rhythm as they transformed the blues. The genre of soul is the definition of blackness in musical form. The term soulful is often used to describe someone or thing that has deep emotions and passion.

This picture is the representation of the times of these genres. The music and the messages are what held together black people during the caos. Each genre has its own special attributes but together they paint the picture of black people’s history socially, politically, and economically. While many may falter in trying times the hope was never lost.

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