Fantasia Barrino: Truth Is…

Who is SHE? Early Life… Fantasia Monique Barrino-Taylor was born in High Point, North Carolina on June 30, 1984. Music-making ran through both sides of her family. Her father Joseph Barrino sang in gospel quartets beginning in his teenage years. Her mother Diane, co-pastor at Mercy Outreach, also sang, as did two of her brothers, […]

Hip Hop Graffiti: It’s all in the CULTURE.

Hip Hop…The CULTURE. The original concept behind hip hop was unity. It allowed people to showcase their talents in the most creative ways. Hip hop became an avenue for inventiveness and an alternative to gang violence. It was a huge factor in bringing the youth of Bronx, New York, and other surrounding areas, together for […]

The Belleville Three: The Birth of Detroit Techno.

The Belleville Three The three individuals most closely associated with the birth of Detroit techno are Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May, also known as the “Belleville Three”. The three were high school friends from Belleville, Michigan who created electronic music tracks in their basements. An obsession with the future and its machines can […]

Ty’Tiaunna Thomas’s Work

Let The Work SPEAK! Why I DON’T need to take the final. I should not take the final because through this course I have upheld the standard of a prompt, orderly, and engaged student. The information that will be presented on the final is information I have already mastered by completing ALL of my posts […]

Make it FUNKY Now!

From the TOP! During the 1970s this fun and futuristic music changed the streets of America with its outrageous fashion, unique vision and streetwise slang. Funk was a celebration of being black, providing a platform for a new lifestyle that was able to unite the black community. Funk was born from the influence of many […]

Gospel Music: Then and Now…

The Evolution of Gospel. Gospel music first emerged as spirituals from the combining of West African musical traditions, the experiences of slavery, Christian practices, and the hardships associated with life in the South. Over time, as the influence of the African-American church grew and musical groups called quartets began to form the musical genre of […]

“Hit the Road”…to the 1960s: Ray Charles

I was born with the music inside me. That’s the only explanation I know. Ray Charles …Early life “Ray” was born Ray Charles Robinson on September 23, 1930, in Albany, Georgia. His father (who was a mechanic) and his mother (who was a sharecropper) moved the family to Greenville, Florida when he was an infant. […]


All Blue All BLACK! The blues grew out of the Mississippi Delta. It’s creators of course were African Americans who evolved the blues from their everyday work songs, negro spirituals, and other musical creations. More specifically a bandleader by the name of W.C. Handy said that the blues were revealed to him in 1903 by […]

Jazz with the Queen: Lady Ella.

“It isn’t where you came from; it’s where you’re going that counts.” – Ella Fitzgerald Origin of Jazz Jazz is a music genre that originated in the African-American communities of New Orleans, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with its roots being blues and ragtime. New Orleans was the perfect city for Jazz due […]

The Good Times of Ragtime! Want to learn more about Ragtime?! Click the video above to explore the creative genre!!!!!!!!!! – J.A.T. Production

The Mills Brothers: Four Kings of Harmony

1..2..3..4… Jubilee Quartet?! Tell Me More! The Jubilee Period was from 1880-1929. This genre or style of music was derived from the negro spirituals sung by African Americans during slavery. Jubilee quartets were a form of African American a cappella groups and were given the name because of the characteristics of their performance style. Quartets sang […]

Cracking the Code: The Lyrical Maps of Negro Spirituals

Origin Characteristics Negro spirituals are songs created by Africans who were captured and brought to the United States to be sold into slavery. This stolen race was deprived of their languages, lifestyle, and separated from their families; but the one thing their owners could not take away was the passion behind their music. Oral Tradition: […]

Folk Music: The Genuine Roots of African American Culture.

The tree…What is Folk Music?  Folk music is a type of traditional and generally rural music that was originally passed down in families and other small social groups. Typically, folk music was spread through oral tradition, meaning it was learned through hearing rather than reading. Though the meaning of the term folk music varies according […]