Hip Hop Graffiti: It’s all in the CULTURE.

Hip Hop...The CULTURE.

The original concept behind hip hop was unity. It allowed people to showcase their talents in the most creative ways. Hip hop became an avenue for inventiveness and an alternative to gang violence. It was a huge factor in bringing the youth of Bronx, New York, and other surrounding areas, together for a common cause…expression of their artistic creativity. Today, hip hop has evolved into a culture of its own.
The Hip Hop began in the 1970s. It was a result of overflowing creativity and a lack of available outlets for teens and young adults in low income based areas. The result of their endeavors as well as those of the hip hop legends grew into what is known as the hip hop culture of today.

Hip Hop is Art.

Hip Hop Graffiti!

The connection between hip hop and graffiti evolved as a competition, much like the dance moves of the hip hop culture. Graffiti began to show up on subways in New York and other cities as a form of expression of hip hop culture created by those who listened this style of music. Graffiti is distinguished by “tags” or marks of the originators as a way to distinguish or stand out from other graffiti artists. It shows famous contributors of hip hop, meaningful lyrics, and black culture. Though some may call graffiti trash, it’s one of hip hops overlooked treasures. 

It's All In the Fashion!!

Hip Hop graffiti heavily influenced fashion. Many artists such as Will Smith (displayed on the left) wore clothing like this because it was a representation of not only hip hop, but themselves. Clothes were a way to transcend the poverty that surrounded most of those involved and changed fashion in the most creative way. Hip Hop is EVERYWHERE!

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