Do you have Disco Fever?

Do You Have Disco Fever? Disco emerged in the 1970s, specifically in the Black community. It served as an opportunity for Blacks to express themselves. It also added diversity to nightclubs as well as dance scenes. Popular styles during this time were big hair and flared pants. New York played a huge part in the […]

What the FUNK?!

What the FUNK?! Characteristics Syncopated music with emphasis on the down beat Instruments: electric bass, electric guitar, Hammond B-3 organ, synthesizer, and many horn sounds Lyrics are typically lenses into the experiences of the average African American Key Artists and Groups Earth, Wind and Fire James Brown Sly Kool & the Gang Previous Next

The Power Behind Hip Hop

The Power Behind Hip Hop Hip Hop is one of the biggest genres of the decade. Hip Hop began rising back in the 70s. There are a multitude of components in Hip Hop including but not limited to: rapping, dj-ing, emceeing. They are all parts that make Hip hop what it is today. Even though […]

the heart of jazz

The Heart of Jazz New Orleans, Louisiana is the birthplace of jazz. And Jazz is considered the music of today and tomorrow. Jazz was extremely popular in the Black church, specifically in the form of call and response. Types of Jazz Classical Swing Bebop Modal Free Fusion Scat Improvisation Notable Artists Buddy Bolden Branford Marsalis […]

Development of Musical Theater in the Black Community

Development of Musical Theater in the Black Community In the 19th and early 20th century, Black people were portrayed as racist fictitious characters through using Black face by White actors. Plays like “Two Real Coons” were dangerous to the image of Blacks. They were so popular in America and this became the narrative for what […]

The Spirit of Gospel

THE SPIRIT OF GOSPEL 5 Stages of Gospel StoreFront  Folk Spiritual Great Migration Shout Transitional Common form of gospel is call and response. Oftentimes when a service or song was so powerful performers and audience members would begin speaking in tongues.  Father of Gospel Music: Thomas Dorsey Noteworthy Artists: Mahalia Jackson, Bebe and Cece Winans, […]

its ragtime

ITS RAGTIME 1896-1920 Extremely popular very upbeat and was played by the average American on pianos with sheet music syncopation: left hand=easy right hand=swag Instrumental and Vocal Ragtime Cakewalks and “coon songs” were forms of entertainment performed by blacks to entertain and mock whites in America Whistling Coon: George Johnson Cakewalk: couples dance originated by […]

Ari Lennox

Ari Lennox Discography Albums/EPs/Mixtapes Shea Butter Baby (2019) Pho (2016) Ariography (2013) Five Finger Discount (2012) Features/Collaborations Revenge of the Dreamers II by Dreamville (2015) Revenge of the Dreamers III by Dreamville (2019) Sweat It Out by Omen (2015) Change by J. Cole (2016) Icarus by Bas (2018) Sugar Walls by Masego (2018) Nothing But […]


The blue Behind the Blues Blues was so popular because it was relatable to all people, because everyone experienced sadness in one form or another. Blues was secular in a way that if you listen or sang blues music, most likely you did not have faith in any religion. Typically those who sang or write […]

Jubilee Quartets

Jubilee Quartets from Beginning to End origin began in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century used to finance universities and colleges the first jubilee quartet was at Fisk University types of quartets university jubilee quartets quartets that performed to raise money for their university minstrel jubilee quartets performed at minstrel shows for the […]

The Spirit Behing Negro Spirituals

The Spirit Behind Negro Spirituals origin Negro spirituals originated when slaves needed a way to express the emotions they experienced during slavery. Because slaves were only allowed to meet for Christian services they began singing songs of solitude and despair.  characteristics Negro spirituals were sung in the form of call and response. They were also […]

Marian Anderson and Florence B.

Marian Anderson and Florence B. and Their Influence on Today Jones’s article, Lift Every Voice: Marian Anderson, Florence B Price and the Sound of Black Sisterhood, dives into how important voicing black women’s struggles to the world is. This article highlights major artists and how they combatted the struggles they were faced with. They used […]

A Folk Post Review

A Review of Folk Post “Turn Up the Folk” by Morgan Hawkins The blog post I read was “Turn the Folk Music Up” by Jhanae Askew. Her post covered the following topic about folk music: its characteristics, social impacts, instruments, commodifications, influences and some of its major artists.  Askew did a thorough job when discussing […]