Jubilee Quartets from Beginning to End


  • began in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century

  • used to finance universities and colleges

  • the first jubilee quartet was at Fisk University

types of quartets

  • university jubilee quartets

    • quartets that performed to raise money for their university

  • minstrel jubilee quartets

    • performed at minstrel shows for the entertainment of whites

  • community jubilee quartets

    • were based and performed within small communities 

  • shape notes/sacred harp quartets

    • performed in churches

  • barbershop jubilee quartets

    • typically performed in businesses within larger communities


  • typically four singers

    • 2 tenors

    • 1 bass

    • 1 barature

stages of quartets

  • jubilee quartets

  • transitional

  • gospel

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the heart of jazz

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