The blue Behind the Blues

Blues was so popular because it was relatable to all people, because everyone experienced sadness in one form or another. Blues was secular in a way that if you listen or sang blues music, most likely you did not have faith in any religion. Typically those who sang or write blues music found their peace in worldly things like drinking, sex, or drinking. The birth of blues came around the 1900s, shortly after slaves gained a sense of freedom. Which is why blues music was usually about moving on, being released, and the struggles of being confined. Blues was a view from the bottom of society.

  • originated from folk music

  • secular music

  • 12 bar blues: blues played to a 12-count

  • women heavily influenced blues music and were at the forefront for a long time

  • there was a revival in the 60s that surrounded white folks

Names to Know

  • Bessie Smith

  • Ida Cox

  • W.C. Handy

  • Charley Patton

  • Mammy Smith

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