A Review of Folk Post "Turn Up the Folk" by Morgan Hawkins

The blog post I read was “Turn the Folk Music Up” by Jhanae Askew. Her post covered the following topic about folk music: its characteristics, social impacts, instruments, commodifications, influences and some of its major artists. 

Askew did a thorough job when discussing some of its major artists like, Harry Belafonte,

Elizabeth Cotton, and Ma Rainey. Jhanae also talked about how folk music lacked popularity until white Americans took credit for the style of folk music. She also speaks on how white Americans used their idea of folk music to create a political agenda and how doing this lost its oral tradition. FOlk music has an oral tradition and when white Americans began to take over this style of music they tossed it away and began recording and producing their idea of folk music. 

While Askew did an amazing job covering these few topics, she could have gone into more depth about the origin of folk music and what it meant to those who wrote and passed down these songs. Adding how slaves even learned how to play instruments and how they taught others to pass down tradition would have been excellent. Also elaborating on how folk music changes throughout regions and time would have been appreciated addition.

A Folk Post Review

A Review of Folk Post “Turn Up the Folk” by Morgan Hawkins The blog post I read was “Turn the Folk Music Up” by Jhanae

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