Month: January 2020

Technology in Music

Behind The Music Jaden Richards Technology is one of the fastest growing industries in America. It is also the main method of producing music of

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The Transformation Era

The Transformation Era BY: KEELY ONGOS-COLE Believe it or not but hip-hop did not start dominating sales until the late 2010s. In the 2017, hip-hop

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Black Girl Magic

Brown Skin Girl Previous Next #BlackGirlMagic. #BlackGirlsRock. #MelaninPoppin. #BlackBeauty.  These are just a few of the hashtags that have been used in the last decade

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First Post

Roddy Ricch The rapper, songwriter, and singer Rodrick Wayne Moore, Jr., more commonly known as Roddy Ricch, was born on October 22,1998 in Compton, California.

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