Its More Than Just Sex

An evolution of female rappers that revolutionized the game in the 2010’s. 

For so long the rap and hip-hop scene has been dominated by males. The shape of hip-hop as a genre has morphed and changed over the decade and as a result so have those that have chosen to partake in the art form. Over the decade we have seen an influx a female rappers coming in and in some cases dominating the art form. 

Just as the ever changing landscape the style of rap has morphed as well. For a while the majority of rap you heard was about three main things ; drugs, money and sex. Often time you’d see some brand being promoted and as a result an in flux in sales and popularity.  No real message being promoted which influenced a generation for the worse. Now, not all artist fell in to this category but nine times out of ten most did; and most were male. 

Although from the video, one may perceive that only males were popular in the last decade, the female artist made a significant impact in all facets of the genre. Young M.A became popular and was a huge success helping to pave the way for other artists in the LGBTQ+ sector. Megan the Stallion, started a whole revolution coining the phrases ‘ hot girl summer’ while maintaining her educational pursuits. Rappers like Nicki Minaj were still very much involved while continuing to lay the groundwork for a true lyricist to prosper. These women were transforming and cultivating a new idea of what it meant to be a female rapper in this decade in mainstream hip-hop. On top of that, you have artist’s like Rico Nasty, Tierra Whack, or Leikeli47 who all vary in messages and sectors of rap.


22 year old Rico Nasty has certainly taken rap in a different direction then what some might be used to hearing. Her sound is a combination of rap, punk,metal and even hints of rock through out. Her music is geared to really make you feel good about grinding and pushing through, while other songs pay homage to those shes lost. 

Tierra Whack

The Philadelphia native broke on the scene and made a name for herself  with her sound having more of an alternative R&B feel with some aspects of funk being Incorporated. Her project Whack World was a compilation of 15 songs all around one minute long paired with a set of visuals that really helped her fans to understand her as an artist. For instance if you listen to the Pet Cemetery she talks about missing her dog but in this case she talking about someone shes lost but in a more creative and engaging way.

In conclusion the evolution of rap has been one to keep an eye on, but female rap and hip-hop  deserves more respect and awareness, a lot of them are true lyricist. Remember its not just about sex.