Technology in Music

Behind The Music

Jaden Richards

Technology is one of the fastest growing industries in America. It is also the main method of producing music of the 2010s. Beats and instrumentals are no longer created with real musical instruments. The popularity of live bands has decreased tremendously because this generation would much rather prefer a DJ. 

Today’s music industry makes success extremely easy as most current popular artists have no real talent. A lot of mainstream artists would be nothing without autotune and other voice correctors. 

There is no longer an interest in meaningful music. The only things that today’s african american population seems to appreciate are beats, bass, and bars. Sometimes these “artist” even don’t have stay in sync with the beats which I believe is a very simple task. Examples include G Herbo and Blueface.

Instead of recognizing the artist, we should show more appreciation to the producers for working their magic. Artist’s today simply walk in the booth and walk out. Most are not engaged in the song making process. Producers on the other hand lay the foundation and also edit the songs from top to bottom. Today’s producers are finally starting to release album where they are recognized as the main creators and the artists are just featured. Dj Khaled, Dj musatrd, MetroBoomin, LondonOnDaTRack and Zaytoven are all examples of producers created albums.



Although technology is allowing mediocre artists to become successful it is still a great advancement. It is always very interesting to see how much technological power we hold in our hands.

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