Day: May 4, 2019


GOOD Music

GOOD Music About Good Music,  or Get Out Our Dreams, is a record label started in 2004 by American rapper Kanye West.  In 2015, West

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Let’s Get Funky

Funk and Its Beginnings Funk also referred to as party music emerged in the late 1960’s but didn’t become popular until the 70’s. It is

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artist biography

Frankie Lymon: 1954-1968

Origin Career Lymon was born on September 30, 1942 in Harlem, New York Lymon played under the genre American rock and roll/rhythm and blues.  He

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LEE MORGAN: The Sidewinder

Origin Career Lee Morgan was born Edward Lee Morgan in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 10, 1938. Growing up, Morgan liked playing the vibraphone and saxophone

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Negro Spirituals

Negro SPIRITuals!

Origin Negro spirituals were songs that were a reflection of what black people were going through at the time. They started with slavery. Africans were

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FOLK MUSIC-The Beginning

What is folk music? African-American folk music was the first type of music created by African Americans. It was a combination of African elements and

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