LEE MORGAN: The Sidewinder



Lee Morgan was born Edward Lee Morgan in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 10, 1938. Growing up, Morgan liked playing the vibraphone and saxophone but eventually settled on mainly playing the trumpet. His music started to become popular when he was in his late teens.

  • Morgan recorded the “Sidewinder” in 1956 which became his greatest hit.
  • He joined Art Blakey’s The Messengers in 1958 which helped to develop his talent as a composer and soloist
  • Unfortunately, his drug problems ultimately forced him to leave the group in 1961.
  • Morgan played the bebop genre of jazz.


Morgan was killed on February 19, 1972 at Slug’s Saloon(jazz club) in New York City. He was shot by his wife, Helen Morgan. Morgan’s music and his work with other groups will go down in history as very influential to the jazz genre.


Title Year Label
Lee Morgan Indeed! 1956 Blue Note
Introducing Lee Morgan 1956 Savoy
Lee Morgan Sextet 1957 Blue Note
Dizzy Atmosphere 1957 Specialty
Lee Morgan Vol. 3 1957 Blue Note
City Lights 1957 Blue Note
The Cooker 1957 Blue Note
Candy 1958 Blue Note
Here’s Lee Morgan 1960 Vee-Jay
The Young Lions 1960 Vee-Jay
Expoobident 1960 Vee-Jay
Lee-Way 1960 Blue Note
Take Twelve 1962 Jazzland
The Sidewinder 1963 Blue Note
Search for the New Land 1964 Blue Note
Tom Cat 1964 Blue Note
The Rumproller 1965 Blue Note
The Gigolo 1965 Blue Note
Cornbread 1965 Blue Note
Infinity 1965 Blue Note
Delightfulee 1966 Blue Note
Charisma 1966 Blue Note
The Rajah 1966 Blue Note
Standards 1967 Blue Note
Sonic Boom 1967 Blue Note
The Procrastinator 1967 Blue Note
The Sixth Sense 1967 Blue Note
Taru 1968 Blue Note
Caramba! 1968 Blue Note
Live at the Lighthouse 1970 Blue Note
The Last Session 1971 Blue Note

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