Origin & History

The Fairfield Four started out at a trio at Fairfield Baptist Church which is located in Nashville, Tennessee in 1921 which means they existed for over 90 years!

Current Members

Reverend Sam McCrary
James Hill (baritone)
Isaac Freeman (bass)
Willie Richardson
Robert Hamlett
Ed Hall
Joe Thompson
Edward Thomas (tenor)
Willie Frank Lewis (utility)

Past Members

Harold Carrethers (baritone)

Rufus Carrethers (bass)

John Battle (lead)
Lattimer Green (second lead)
Wilson Waters
Joseph Rice
Walter Settles Sr. 
Roscoe Shelton
Bobby Hebb


  • National Heritage Fellowship, 1989
  • Tennessee Lifetime Achievement Award, 1994
  • Nashville Music Award Lifetime Achievement Award, 1995
  • James Cleveland Stellar Award, 1996
  • Grammy Award for Best Album Traditional Gospel Album, for I Couldn’t Hear Nobody Pray, 1997
  • Gospel Music Hall of Fame, inducted in 1999
  • Grammy Award for Album of the Year, for contribution in O Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack, 2002
  • Grammy Award for Best Roots Gospel Album, for Still Rockin’ My Soul!, 2015



  • “Don’t Let Nobody Turn You Around/Standing in The Safety Zone”, Bullet 284, 1947
  • “When I Get up in Heaven/Amazing Grace”, Bullet 292, 1947
  • “Tree of Level/Jesus Met the Woman at the Well”, Dot, 1949
  • “Dear Lord, Look Down Upon Me/Savior Don’t Pass Me By”, Dot, 1949
  • “In The Wilderness/Let Me Tell You About Jesus”, Dot, 1949
  • “In The Upper Room/I’ll Tell The World”, Dot, 1950
  • “I Don’t Know Why I Have to Cry/When I Move in the Room”, Dot, 1950
  • “Don’t Drive Your Children Away/Does Jesus Care”, Dot, 1950
  • “Nobody To Depend On/Old Time Religion”, Dot, 1950
  • “No Room at the Inn/Talking About Jesus”, Dot, 1950
  • “I Love The Name Jesus/Leave Them There”, Dot, 1950
  • “On My Journey Now/Love Like a River”, Dot, 1950
  • “Poor Pilgrim of Sorrow/Don’t Drive Her Away”, Dot, 1950
  • “Packing Every Burden/Don’t Leave Me”, Dot, 1951]
  • “My Prayer/Come on to This Altar”, Dot, 1951
  • “Waiting for Me/Angels Watching”, Dot, 1951
  • “I’m in Your Care/I Can Tell You the Time”, Dot, 1951
  • “When We Bow/Let’s Go”, Dot, 1951
  • “Hope To Shout in Glory/All the Way”, Dot, 1951
  • “I’ll Be Satisfied/I’ve Got Good Religion”, Dot, 1951
  • “Come Over Here/Who Is That Knocking”, Dot, 1953
  • “His Eye Is on the Sparrow/Every Day”, Dot, 1953
  • “How I Got Over/This Evening Our Father”, Dot, 1953
  • “Stand by Me/Hear Me When I Pray”, Dot, 1953
  • “When The Battle Is Over/Standing on the Rock”, Dot, 1953
  • “Somebody Touched Me/Mother Don’t Worry”, Dot, 1953
  • “We Never Grow Old/Jesus in Heaven”, Dot, 1954
  • “God Knows I’m a Pilgrim/Heaven in My View”, Dot, 1954


  • Angels Watching Over Me {Nashboro Records 7045} 1960 reissued on AVI, 1981 – The Dot recordings
  • One World, One People, One God, One Religion, Nashboro Records, 1980
  • Angels Watching Over, AVI Records, 1981
  • Revival , Nixon Studio, Nashville TN, 1989
  • Standing in the Safety Zone, Warner Bros., 1992
  • Standing on the Rock, Nashboro Records, 1995
  • I Couldn’t Hear Nobody Pray, Warner Bros., 1997
  • Wreckin’ the House, Dead Reckoning, 1998
  • Fairfield Four and Friends Live from Mountain Stage, Blueplate, 2000
  • The Bells Are Tolling, Ace, 2001
  • Road to Glory, Fuel, 2001
  • Beautiful Stars, Isaac Freeman and the Bluebloods, Lost Highway, 2002
  • Still Rockin’ My Soul, Fairfield Four Records (dist. by Thirty Tigers, Sony Red and Provident), 2015

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