JaNae Fleming

Disco in the 70s

By: JaNae Fleming Disco emerged in the 70s to promote freedom and liberation at the time. DIsco is compromised of funk and r&b. Disco was

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Negro Spirituals and Gospel

Like negro spirituals, gospel music is a sacred form of music used in the Christian belief. Gospel music emerged in urban cities like New York,

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Women in Jazz

Women in Jazz JaNae Fleming About Jazz    Jazz is a music genre that originated in the African-American communities of New Orleans, United States, in

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By: JaNae Fleming Ragtime music was composed using the piano. It is composed in a duple meter where there is a syncopated lead being played

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Blues was the New Folk

Blues was the New Folk JaNae Fleming Blues music was used to express the hardships of the black working class in America. Just as folk

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Jubilee Quartets

By: JaNae Fleming In the mid 1800s a new style of music occurred amongst African Americans. This genre specifically started with African American college students.

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A Review on Negro Spirituals

By: JaNae Fleming Negro spirituals derived from folk music in terms of its elements. I feel that the biggest components of negro spirituals are its

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Destiny’s Child

JaNae Fleming Girls Tyme Destiny’s Child was formed in Houston, Texas in 1990. The group originally named, Girl’s Tyme, was made up of Beyonce Knowles, Kelly

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