Final Exam Post

Blues and Black, Blacks and Blue Origins and Influences The origin of blues is in the deep South, one of the first accounts of hearing the deep sounds was in

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King Records: R&B Ally

Where Ya From? Origin and Influences “I couldn’t see so why bother?”, this is Syd Nathan’s response to dropping out of school in the ninth

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CANNONBALL! … Adderley

Where Did Cannonball Adderley Come From: Origin and Influences Cannonball was born in Tampa, Florida. His given name was Julian Edwin Adderley. He was inspired

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How To Steal a Genre for Dummies :African American Folk Music

“Now that you have complete control of the creators (therefore knowing where it originated from), have studied the elements, and made the genre hard to express as one’s own you are on your way to effectively stealing a genre. What comes next is making a profit off of the stolen goods.”

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Why I, Alexus Echols, Shouldn't Have To Take The Final

There are many reasons why a scholar such as myself should not have to take the final. However, for the sake of simplicity I will mention three. The first reason is that if I don’t have to take the final, you will not have to deal with me at 8:00 am on a Monday morning. So honestly you would be doing yourself a favor. The second reason is that I have been consistent in the class in terms of attendance and work. This A level work will translate into an A on a final so why waste the time (And let’s not forget my stellar performance on the midterm). The third, and final reason, is that final exams do not serve a purpose in terms of learning. As a student, I have learned what I am going to learn in the class and final exams are just a form of punishment at this point. If I do not know the information it is not like the professor and I can go back and see what I did wrong and improve, if it is bad it will just be a grade damaging to the outstanding work I have proven I can do. 

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