Put Your Fist In the Air!!!!- Techno Music

Origins and Influence Techno music was created in Detroit, Michigan in the mid-late 1980s.. Techno music uses high technology sounds (computerized) and produces sounds that are associated with the music of many dance and nightclubs. It has also been called underground dance music. Techno music mixes many different genres such as gospel, blues, and alternative […]

The Belleville Three: Techno

“The Belleville Three” Juan Atkins Spet. 12, 1962 (age 56) Detroit, Michigan, U.S. Derrick May April 6, 1963 (age 56) Detroit, Michigan, U.S. Kevin Maurice Saunderson  September 5, 1964 (age 54) Brooklyn ,NY (At age nine moved to Detroit , Michigan) “What is Belleville?” The location of Belleville was key to the formation of the […]

Techno Music

Techno music was created in the 1980’s by Juan Atkins. Techno music is also known as underground dance music or “high tech soul” electronic music that first became huge in the UK. This genre was influenced by many elements such as pfunk, disco, and blues. Both blues and techo music had an international appeal that […]

Techno’s Wing Man: The Electrifying Mojo

                                                                                          The Electrifying Mojo, aka Charles Johnson, was an eclectic and influential […]

Letter of Recommendation: Detroit Techno // The New York Times Magazine​

In the early ’80s, the Roland Corporation, a Japanese electronics company, developed two machines that would soon become obsolete and change the world, in that order. The TR-808 Rhythm Composer and the TB-303 Bass Line — synthesizers with built-in sequencers — were designed for musicians to practice with at home, by programming artificial accompaniment. They […]