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Artist Biography Outline: Etta James

Outline: Methodology:   Insert methods used for research(music, documentaries, biographies, etc). Perhaps insert prior knowledge of artist. Introduction Thesis: Nicknamed “Miss Peaches,” singer Etta James (legally

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Jhene Aiko Outline

Synahia Tigner 04 March 2018 Dr. Johnson Biographical Study Outline   Biographical Study Outline: “Jhene Aiko – Healing Through The Arts” Artist: Jhene Aiko Research

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Whitney Houston Outline

Outline Title: The Life and Legacy of the Legendary Whitney Houston I. Introduction: A. Thesis Statement: Through delving into the life of Whitney Houston, her

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Al Jarreau Outline

  Gabriella Gordon Survey of African American Music Dr.Johnson 22 October, 2017 Outline Al Jarreau Thesis Statement: Al Jarreau was a versatile, compassionate, and honorable

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