W.C’s Handy Biography ,Outline, PPT

  • Methodology
  • The music revolutionist and Father of the blues , W.C handy.
  • Biographical Study :
  •  William Christopher Handy also  known as W.C Handy .
  • He is commonly regarded as the father of the blues.
  • He was born on November 16, 1873 to Charles Bernard Handy and Elizabeth Brewer .
  • The son and grandson of Methodists ministers
  • Early life and family background
  • Personal Life: Relationships, significant friendships, family : married longtime assistant Irma Louise Logan. 2 sons and a daughter
  • Career before music, Hardships during music career
  • Legacy and influences
  • Accomplishment: Honored by the United States with a postage stamp in 1969, statues bearing his likeness stand in Florence and Memphis, Music awards and Festivals have been named after him.
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography 
  • Powerpoint
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