Gabriella Gordon

Survey of African American Music


22 October, 2017


Al Jarreau

Thesis Statement: Al Jarreau was a versatile, compassionate, and honorable artist who embodied these qualities through the art of music.

I. Intro

  1. General background of Jazz
  2. African American Artist- Al Jarreau  

II. Versatility

  1. Range of music- vocalists in three genres of music; Jazz, Pop, R&B
  2. Occupation- Singer, Actor, Television Actor, Songwriter, Theatre

III. Compassion

  1. Uses music to express his compassion for people
  2. Music was his second priority and people were his first 

IV. Honor

  1. Multiple Awards
  2. First vocalist to win three grammys in three different categories (Jazz,Pop, R&B) at the same time.

 V. Methods of Research

  1. Google
  2. Google Scholar
  3. Woodruff Library  
Gabriella Gordon

Gabriella Gordon

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