Whitney Houston Outline


Title: The Life and Legacy of the Legendary Whitney Houston

  1. I. Introduction:
    1. A. Thesis Statement: Through delving into the life of Whitney Houston, her imprint on the music world, rise to fame, and legacy is assessed.
  2. II. First main point: Childhood .
    1. Subpoint
      1. 1. Family Life
      2. 2. Musical Background 
  3. III. Second Main Point: Rise to Fame .
    1. First subpoint: Career as a superstar
      1. 1. Musical Background (technical aspect of music/genre)
      2. 2. Discuss Whitney’s music (different genres & voice)
    2. A. Second subpoint
      1. 1. Discuss Whitney’s fame
      2. 2. Success in the music industry
  4. IV. Third Main Point: Trials and Tribulations .
    1. First Subpoint: Personal Problems
      1. 1. Drug abuse
      2. 2. Relationships and its effect on her career
    2. A. Second subpoint: Triumphs in Music
      1. 1. Discuss the legacy of Whitney Houston. Commodification & Cultural Politics
      2. 2. Discuss the impact Whitney Houston made in music.
  5. V. Conclusion: Talk about the effect fame had on Whitney Houston’s life. Discuss how drugs led to her death. Discuss the role Whitney Houston played in African American music.



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