Soulful Blues: The African American Journey Through Music

Blues music has its roots in the African American community, with origins in the Deep South during the late 19th century. The genre has a rich and complex history, shaped by the experiences of African Americans during slavery and beyond. Many of the early blues musicians drew inspiration from traditional African rhythms, work songs, and […]

A Glance at Folk Music Since the beginning of the 20th century, folk music was created and formed by African Americans during slavery. It was referred to as “negro folk music” to conceptualize the significant circumstances black people were enduring and experiencing around this time. The genre modeled African musical traditions and incorporated struggles and hardships African Americans were […]

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more technologically advanced over time and will continue to develop intricately to fulfill more duties and responsibilities. In certain aspects, we have experienced and been involved with AI through features like Siri, Google Voice, and Alexa. However, the new ChatGPT website allows for more tasks to be done by AI, which […]

Naomi Wagner

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