A Mississippian’s Perspective : The Legacy of Ragtime and Blues

A Mississippian's Perspective: The Legacy of Ragtime and Blues

My name is Ari Bradley and I am a native of Jackson, Mississippi: also known as the home of the blues. In this post, I'll share my experience growing up in Jackson around Ragtime and Blues music and even introduce you to some present-day examples of the legacy and strength of Ragtime and Blues music in Mississippi.

- music in the 1890's made by the piano with syncopated melodies and strong, rhythmic accents

On the right, here is an example of one of Mississippi's earliest ragtime songs. Of course, they named it the Mississippi Dippy Dip.

- music in the early 1900's made from a 12 bar sequence, characterized by deep emotion
Here, to the left, is one of my favorite Blues songs from home. And ask yourself, "if you don't know Johnny Taylor, then who do you know ?"

Current Ragtime and Blues Continuities in the Sip

Just 5 years ago, this talented man from East Mississippi performed a modern-day Ragtime piece. On your left, this performance features a musician with an astonishing quick right hand and a large range of technical skill.

To the right, musician and artist Bob Stroger performs a funky, slow Blues song on the historical Front Porch Stage of the Mississippi Delta. Take it from me, this festival is truly one of the largest attractions of the state.

A Living Continuity and Blues Legend of Mississippi

Many legends of Blues played in or even came from Mississippi like: Robert Johnson, Charley Patton, Muddy Waters, W.C. Handy, and my personal favorite, Bobby Rush.

Above are some of the Annual Ragtime and Blues Festivals Mississippi Hosts
So the next time you're in the Sip, you should definitely check out some of our Music Venues !

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