Changing with the Times: Gospel Music Throughout History

Introduction Gospel Music has been around since 1920s and continues to be a popular genre until today. Since the start of this genre, it is shown that even though it has a very focused on spreading the message of God, there is still an influence that comes form the popular genres of the time. Through […]

Women During Black Movements

Treemonisha is a opera written by a the famous ragtime performer Scott Joplin. This opera focus around the main character of the same name, who is kidnaped and trying to make her way home. The opera is considered one of the first all-black operas to gain so much popularity. This was very important to Scott […]

Bringin’ Back Jazz and Funk: Tank and the Bangas

Introduction There are many genres that are popular in today’s music scene. From hip hop to country, most music on today’s charts have a very normal appeal to them and have been a continuation from the genres’ earliest stages. Two genres that has not really been explored in music today is jazz and funk. Even […]

My Thoughts on Techno

Introduction:     America was originally introduced to Techno music in the 1980s. This version of techno music was created in the city of Detroit and was based on mixing electric technology with some elements of funk . The first known creator of the genre was Juan Atkins, who experimented with a synthesizer and tape […]

Black Female Connectivity Through R&B Music

Introduction R&B is a genre that has changed naturally over the years. Starting all the way back in the 1940s, R&B has had influences from many other genres and grew upon each of them to make it its own. Today’s R&B is much different than the starting songs made, but I believe we can still […]

Jubilee Quartets Impact on HBCUs

Background of Jubilee Quartets First Sight of Jubilee in HBCUs When we think of Jubilee Quartets, we would usually think of a four member group that sings rhythmic tunes. From the book African American Music by Mellonee Burnim, it describes the specific type of Jubilee Quartet within the African American Community. The description states, “…within the […]

Pass It On Up: The Movement of Negro Spirituals through Black American History

The Origin of the Negro Spirituals:        Negro Spirituals is a music genre made by the enslaved Africans in America during the 18th century.  These songs often mixed in elements of the Christian church and the storytelling of the slaves. Often used as a comfort for most, negro spirituals were sung as a […]

Empathic Imagination: The Foundation of Folk Music

Empathic Imagination: The foundation of Folk Music By Zahriyah Denson       Folk music as a genre has a long standing history inside the United States. The songs within this genre were originally negro spirituals that were sung by slaves detailing their struggles or life situations. This provided a common comfort to all those who […]