The Evolution of Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a genre that is near and dear to my heart. It contains so many elements that have played a major part in my appreciation for music and musical preference. When I think of Hip-Hop, so many things come to mind. Like boomboxes and breakdancing pop into my head when I think of […]

Sassy and Classy: A Look Into Classical Music

  William Grant Still, born in Mississippi in 1895 and raised in Arkansas, was a gifted musician who took formal violin lessons and taught himself to play clarinet, saxophone, oboe, viola, cello and double bass. Still would evolve into a man that set the standards for those to come. He was the first black man to […]

Don’t Snooze on the Blues

Blues has evolved tremendously throughout the history of Black music. Originating on plantations in the south, slaves and their descendants sang song while working the cotton fields. Being born out of negro spirituals, Blues took its own form in the 1890s. The story behind the name is pretty self-explanatory, the blues was what people sang when […]

“Ra, Ra, Ra, Ragtime!”

Ragtime is a genre that was founded in the year 1896 and continued throughout the year 1920. It’s name was influenced by it’s performance style of composing and playing popular song, dance, and instrumental music.  Influenced by the rhythmic singing of negro spirituals, ragtime music consists of many instruments that complete it’s sound, such as, […]

Jill Scott Bibliography

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Jubilee Quartets – Bringing the Rhythm & Repertoire to the 1800s

By Skkyler Ofoedu  Jubilee is a genre that was created in the late nineteenth-century. It included sacred and secular stories that were told by various performers. The groups of individuals who created and performed music in this genre were known as Jubilee quartets. Jubilee quartets began forming in the late 1800s, as a solution to […]

Black Music: Where It All Began

By Skkyler Ofoedu & Niara Keyes Have you ever thought about how Black music came to be? How about where we found our sound or even how genres, such as Blues and Jazz, were established? Let me break it down for you, our people were stolen from Africa, brought to an unknown land, forced into […]


By Skkyler Ofoedu My name is Skkyler Ofoedu and I  am a sophomore  Political Science Major, Psychology Minor, from Chicago, Illinois. My career aspirations are to become an attorney who provides affordable legal representation to low-income families. I have always had a love for Black music. Ever since I was a small child, I always […]