By Skkyler Ofoedu

My name is Skkyler Ofoedu and I  am a sophomore  Political Science Major, Psychology Minor, from Chicago, Illinois. My career aspirations are to become an attorney who provides affordable legal representation to low-income families.

I have always had a love for Black music. Ever since I was a small child, I always considered myself an “old head”. Listening to artist such as Al Green and Deniece Williams, always brought me great comfort. I often found solace in Black music because I could always find a song that would speak on whatever I was going through. Almost as if it was specifically made for me in that moment. I look forward to learning more about the origins of Black music and how we began to form our sound in this class.

I wouldn’t say that I have much experience with music besides listening to it but, in elementary school, I did play the recorder. I was a part of my high school chorus for three years so, I also learned how to read sheet music. Hopefully, I’ll gain some new skills and knowledge in this class as well.

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