Gospel Music Review- Kendall Jones

Similar to negro spirituals. Gospel music is used to heal, uplift and spread the message of God. During the 19th century. Slaves were only permitted to gather in churches. Gospel music was the best way they knew how to express their sorrows and hopes for a brighter future. Although it all goes back to the […]

Hip Hop Review- Kendall Jones

Hip hop first developed in the late 1970s as a product of breakdancing and graffiti. Young adults were often FJs in discos and were not familiar with these new techniques that made up the growing sound. The four historic elements of Hip-Hop are MCing, also known as rapping, DJing, graffiti, an art that has derived […]

Techno Review-Kendall Jones

Before “techno” became a term for electronic music, the music, its people, and its culture were much more representative of overlapping underserved and marginalized communities. The Belleville Three is Detroits more popular black techno groups. The trio paved the way for a rich techno culture within the city and helped establish what is now the […]

Disco Review-Kendall Jones

The genre emerged out of an urban subculture in the early 1970s. Discos had been popular in the community for quite some years. The goal was to have pre-recorded music that people could dance to. DJs were the driving creative force behind disco music. Turntables, PA systems, and microphones were essentials for a disco party. […]

Musical Theatre Review-Kendall Jones

Minstrel shows of the early 19th century are said to be the roots of black theatre. Black theatre really flourished during the Harlem Renaissance in New York, Washington DC, and Chicago. After World War II there were petitions to abolish the use of racial stereotypes in theatre immerged. Unfortunately, it only went so far and […]

Ragtime Review – Kendall Jones

Ragtime developed in African American communities throughout the southern parts of the Midwest, particularly St. Louis. Ragtime began as popular dance music in the late 1800s through the early 1900s. The melodies of Ragtime avoiding some metrical beats often found in march time or waltz time which were popular beats during the time. “Swing” was […]

Blues Review- Kendall Jones

The blues has deep roots in American history, particularly African American history. The blues originated on Southern plantations in the 19th Century. African Americans had a deep desire to move away from the sorrow songs of spirituals and transform into an upbeat sound of prosperity and power. Spirituals were associated with slavery and oppression, however, […]

Jubilee Quartet Review – Kendall Jones

Jubilee ensembles became increasingly popular during the 1800s. Quartet meaning a group of 4, typically singing in four-part harmony rose out of the trials and tribulations of slavery. Negro spirituals were used during these times of pain but were soon transformed into melodies to help fight for future rights. Ensembles like the Golden Gate Quartet […]

Negro Spirituals Review – Kendall Jones

Negro spirituals are deeply rooted in African American history, tradition and culture dating back to the time of enslavement. Most if not all of the African origin, languages, practices, customs, and culture were lost in transit to the Americas or shortly thereafter. Slaves used these songs as a tool to communicate not only their struggles […]

Lift Every Voice and Sing Review – Kendall Jones

Many people don’t realize that lift every voice and sing was originally written as a poem and was first performed at a celebration for President Abraham Lincon. Now, the piece is directly associated with African Americans’ continued to fight for freedom and equality. It culturally referred to as “The Negro National Anthem”. I liked how […]

Folk Music Review -Kendall Jones

Black artists and musicians played a crucial role in the progression of American folk music. Originally from negro spirituals, these songs of the civil rights were commonly passed down through oral tradition. African American folk music comes largely from the musical traditions of slaves and their offspring in the south. The roots of the carefree […]