Negro Spirituals Review – Kendall Jones

Negro spirituals are deeply rooted in African American history, tradition and culture dating back to the time of enslavement. Most if not all of the African origin, languages, practices, customs, and culture were lost in transit to the Americas or shortly thereafter. Slaves used these songs as a tool to communicate not only their struggles but their hopes for the future as well.

Songs like “Aint gonna let nobody turn me around” and “Wade in the water” are both examples of spirituals are still sung today mainly in churches, as they are a way for the African American community to hold tight to their past, never forgetting the trials and tribulations the ones before them endured in order for them to prevail today.

Spirituals have always been used as a tool to heal and restore. They connect generations old and young because of the simple messages that are relatable across the decares.


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