Evolution of Black Music

Through the years, music has transformed, creating new sounds and genres. In 1949, the term R&B, or Rhythm and Blues, was used to replace what was formerly called race records. This new sound surfaced during World War II and was inspired by blues and jazz. R&B was used to express the social and economic changes […]

Evolution of Hip Hop

Hip Hop originated from humble beginnings. It started in New York’s poorest cities at barbecues and block parties; however, in contemporary hip-hop culture it dominates the radio and created a multi-million-dollar industry. Often hip-hop is synonymous with rapping to most people, but hip-hop is a representation of a subculture that includes rapping, table turning, breakdancing, […]

Concert Report

In 2004, Chicago accompanied Earth, Wind, and Fire in a concert at the Greek Theater. Chicago is a rock band that was formed in 1967. Initially, they began making politically charged rock music, but they went on to make softer music. On the other hand, Earth, Wind, and Fire is a funk band that was […]

Negro Spiritual

Negro Spirituals is the earliest form of sacred music from African Americans in the United States. Enslaved people were introduced to hymns by Europeans; however, African Americans radically changed the hymns they were introduced to and gave them a call and response structure. African Americans also used hand clapping and body movement. In accounts given by enslaved […]

How the Sounds of New Orleans revolutionized American Music

Jazz is known as the pinnacle of the 20th century African American music. Jazz was distinguishable by the fact that it is improvised. Experts believe Jazz is the “African American classical music.” Ragtime, blues, African American religious music, and classical music. New Orleans was the point of origin for Jazz and the state was divided between […]

Who is Camilla Ella Williams?

Classical music is one of the few genres that did not originate from African Americans. It actually originated in Europe dating back to the 11th century and characterized by the the music that is prepared tends to be written in musical notation, which creates a musical part. This part determines details of rhythm, pitch, and […]

Commodification in Blues

It is a common misconception that Europeans created the blues genre. The genre was created by enslaved African Americans who used this music style as an outlet from their day to day lives. African Americans moved to the North during the 1890s and took their culture with them. During this time Europeans adopted the blues […]

Women in Ragtime

Ragtime was created and made popular by African American musicians who did not read or write music. It was first played in brothels, saloons, bars, and similar sites where blacks received their first opportunity to perform post- Civil War. Ragtime was defined as having African American musical roots. It was difficult to pinpoint exactly what […]

Jubilee Quartet

KaChelle Humphery The Jubilee Quartet originated in the mid-1800s in the African American church singing Negro Spirituals and added their own spin on it which later evolved into gospel music by speeding up the tempo and adding both clapping and shouting. Early acapella groups were known as jubilee quartets and has a minimum of four […]

Folk Music: Pattin Juba

KaChelle Humphery Folk Music: Patting Juba Folk music was created by the enslaved people when they were brought to America as a method of coping with their new realities. A common myth is the assumption that folk music was started by Europeans. Folk music was a part of the everyday lives of the enslaved people. […]

KaChelle Humphery’s IME

Introduction: Hello my name is KaChelle Humphery and I am a first year English major with a concentration in law from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I aspire to be a lawyer in hopes of helping people who were wrongfully incarcerated get released from prison. I have a passion for music and traveling. Mindset: I love music […]