KaChelle Humphery’s IME

Introduction: Hello my name is KaChelle Humphery and I am a first year English major with a concentration in law from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I aspire to be a lawyer in hopes of helping people who were wrongfully incarcerated get released from prison. I have a passion for music and traveling.

Mindset: I love music and specifically music from African Americans. Music truly calms me and helps me to feel better about my situation or circumstances. Depending on how you are feeling there is always a song that can help explain exactly how you feel and think and truly be helpful to ones mental state. I have always had a love for music even as a child my dad had to play the radio in my room just to get me to sleep in my own crib. I enjoy finding new types of music and finding things that interest me. I have always liked 90s R&B and Hip Hop. I listen to very few new artists and since I grew up in the church I have a vast amount of knowledge of gospel songs. Music has always been an outlet with me and many of my emotional issues.

Experience: I have been in my church choir since the time that I could talk. Music is important to me and often helps me through my most difficult times emotionally. As a child me and my dad used to listen to Luther Vandross and we used to sing “Can I Take You Out Tonight” together.

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