Concert Report

In 2004, Chicago accompanied Earth, Wind, and Fire in a concert at the Greek Theater. Chicago is a rock band that was formed in 1967. Initially, they began making politically charged rock music, but they went on to make softer music. On the other hand, Earth, Wind, and Fire is a funk band that was established in 1969. Both bands originated in Chicago, Illinois but they have different sounds. During the concert, the bands performed together as one with each group member contributing in one form or another. The concert consisted of popular songs from both bands and several instrumental breaks. The instrumented consisted of bass guitar, keyboard, trumpets, electric guitar, bongos, and harmonica. Earth, Wind, and Fire had subtle choreography and wore similar costumes to the ones worn during the beginning of their careers. Their costumes represented the 70s in their style and the color of their wardrobe. The Funk genre is most clearly heard through the use of horns while the drums help to establish a bop style. Also, even during Chicago’s songs, the polyrhythmic base remains. I do not believe Earth Wind and Fire significantly changed their set for Chicago; however, Chicago’s music all had a base of funk. Overall, I enjoyed the performance by both bands. They are both influential bands representing two different genres. Although there was more emphasis on the funk aspect in both bands set.

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