Commodification in Blues

It is a common misconception that Europeans created the blues genre. The genre was created by enslaved African Americans who used this music style as an outlet from their day to day lives. African Americans moved to the North during the 1890s and took their culture with them. During this time Europeans adopted the blues genre and popularized it and began to make covers over original African blues songs. This is a common reoccurrence with Europeans that African Americans create something, and Europeans go behind them and take the credit for it and begin to make money. African Americans never get the recognition for the genres that they create; however, African Americans began making blues music again after World War I and began to receive recognition. It is interesting to me that Europeans claim that African Americans are “savages” or “immoral” yet they try to copy everything that we do. Blues directly evolved from slave music and negro spirituals and blues later evolved into Rock N Roll which is another art form stolen by Europeans. Blues is said to be a big turning point for the music genre and ultimately spiraled into all the music genres that we have today. It is upsetting that African Americans are so creative and we never receive the money or recognition for creating these genres.  Popular blues musicians include: B.B. King, Muddy Waters, and Jimi Hendrix.


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