Alicia Keys Bibliography- Artist Paper

Bibliography “Alicia Keys.”, 23 Nov. 2020, “Alicia Keys’ Official Site.” Alicia Keys, Americanvogue, director. 73 Questions With Alicia Keys | Vogue. YouTube, YouTube, 30 June 2020, CBSSundayMorning, director. Alicia Keys Reflects on the Journey to Know Herself. YouTube, YouTube, 22 Mar. 2020, Lamarre, Carl. “Alicia Keys Is Finally Accepting Her […]

Evolution of Gospel through the Decades

Gospel Music Through the Years (1920-2020) 1920 “He Is My Story” by Arizona Dranes is an example of traditional Gospel music from the late 1920s. The song talks about praising the Lord for “all the day long.”  1930 Thomas A. Dorsey, the Father of Gospel Music wrote “Take my Hand, Precious Lord” in 1938. […]

The Legacy of Earth, Wind, and Fire

Funky Music Earth, Wind and Fire are a funk music group known for meshing all types of music into their work. Their songs mesh R&B, soul, and jazz to make a medley of funky music. Their albums were the blueprint for music today. They showed the music industry that Black music groups could be […]

R&B Through the Years

First Stream (1940s-1950s) Second Stream (mid 1950s- mid 1960s) Third Stream (1960s- mid 1970s) Fourth Stream (1970s-1980s) Fifth Stream (1990s-present)–wHHiy8 Even though R&B was established in the 1940s, its music is still very alive and relevant today. Contemporary R&B artists are women and music groups. R&B transformed itself and adapted […]

All About Alicia Keys

ALICIA KEYS By: Jaleah Wiggins Artist History Alicia Augello Cook, a.k.a. Alicia Keys was born in New York, New York, on January 25, 1981. Alicia Keys was raised by her mother, an actress, and paralegal in “Hell’s Kitchen” neighborhood. Her mother was fully supportive of her interests in music. Keys started playing piano at seven […]

Black People Bring the Flavor and the Style!

The “Tradition” The contributions of Black people to Jubilee music altered the tradition of the quartets. In Black culture, a Jubilee quartet meant more than just four people singing. Black artists breathed life into the quartet by adding more harmonies, sounds, and singers to this genre of music. Even within Jubilee music’s Gospel period, […]

Elements of Jazz in Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme”

“A LOVE SUPREME” IS MORE THAN ONE TYPE OF JAZZ The performance of “A Love Supreme” by John Coltrane told a story in 1965. The music started off on a slow pace and became more upbeat as time progressed. There were elements of cool jazz when the music was at a slower tempo (Part I- […]

The Power of Black Women in Blues

Three Great Blues Singers                  Bessie Smith                              Mamie Smith                                    Ma Rainey Black women stole the show when […]

Spirituals: A Form of Rebellion, Resistance, and Resilience

Negro Spirituals as a Tool for Survival An Act of Resistance Without spirituals, enslaved people would have bottled up all their emotions and grievances and kept it to themselves. Singing spirituals allowed enslaved people to temporarily relieve a mere ounce of the stress that was upon them. Negro Spirituals were a form of liberation to […]

Tracy Chapman

About Tracy Tracy Chapman was born March 30, 1964 in Cleveland, Ohio. Her love of music started early, at the age of three. Chapman’s first instrument was a ukulele; she also sings and plays the guitar. Her music falls within in the folk music genre. Tracy Chapman is an avid reader and fan of poetry. […]